Creepy Candles (On the Cheap)

Hello again, Lumplings!  As you know, your beloved Uncle Zombii loves each and every one of you, no matter how destitute you may be.  That’s why I’m sharing this juicy little craft tip for those of you whose decorating budget is limited to what you find between the cushions of your couch.  And as an added bonus, it’s so easy, a common shambler could do it!

Step 1:

Go out and buy some plain votive candles from your local dollar store, or thrift store, or however else you choose to obtain cheap candles.  Alternatively you could get some kind of clear glass vessel into which a candle would fit.  A white candle in uncolored glass will work best for this, like this one:

Step 2:

While you’re out, stop by your friendly neighborhood office supply store, and pick up a package of clear shipping labels.  For this project, I used 2″ x 4″ labels, because that’s what I had lying around.  They’re a little small for this size candle, but they do the job.  If you’re buying something new, I’d recommend looking for full sheet labels.  Since you can cut them to any size you want, they offer the greatest amount of flexibility for this, and future projects.  Remember, lumplings, always be mindful of what you can do with leftover materials.  Waste not want not!

Step 3:

Once you get home, fire up your interweb-enabled device of choice and search out some spooky graphics.  Google Images is always a good tool for this, but I often find Pinterest to be a more social choice.  In fact, here’s a look at my skeleton board:

Skeletons make a great choice for this project because they’re suitably creepy and are usually rendered in black and white (or close to) which creates a sharp, bold image against the candle.

When you’ve found an image you like, print it out on the clear label.

Step 4:

Cut out your design (if necessary), peel the backing off the label and place the label on the glass.  (Did I really have to explain how stickers work?)

And Viola!  A beautiful accent that looks like it came out of a high end boutique!