“Welcome, lumplings!  It’s your beloved Uncle Zombii here.  Remember, that’s Zombii with two “i’s” like a fresh corpse, I’m so terribly delighted that you’ve all come to visit me here in my dark little corner of the interwebs.”

Uncle Zombii is the ghoulish guru of the macabre lifestyle. Think Martha Stewart with a top hat and rigor mortis.

Despite his name, Uncle Zombii identifies not as a zombie, but as a ghoul.  When asked about the difference, he describes a ghoul as “Rather like a zombie, but with a more refined palate, and markedly better diction.”

An advocate for the “Necro-Positive” movement, Uncle Zombii promotes an inclusive, non-judgmental attitude towards all beings regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, or position on the Live-Dead spectrum.

UncleZombii.com is devoted to helping all those who are interested bring a dash of the macabre into their everyday lives.  Uncle Zombii shares tips on crafts, decorating, cooking, and shopping with a ghoulish flair for anyone who wants to add a little (or a lot) of the Halloween spirit to their everyday lives.